StickyRub – Rob Quin, Archie Paige – Post Workout Rub Down

Cute twink Rob has been hitting the gym, working on building out his physique to impress the guys. He’s already handsome and knows guys want him, but he wants to be undeniable. But his muscles are getting sore, and there aren’t any hot men at the gym to give him the attention he’s looking for. Luckily, masseuse Archie can give Rob the best rubdown he’s ever had. He oils up the cutie’s body, ensuring every inch of him is slick and heated. When Archie gets to Rob’s asshole, he gives him a little extra attention, spreading Rob’s thick cheeks apart and rimming him delicately. The sensation takes Rob over completely, and he can feel his stress melting away as he quickly builds towards climaxing. Once Rob is nice and warmed up, Archie tops him right there on the massage table. It doesn’t take long for Rob to bust his sweet load all over his stomach. Seeing this makes Archie even more horny. Archie fucks Rob passionately until he can’t hold it in and shoots his shot inside of Rob’s asshole.


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