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TimFuck – FRENZY – The Inked Pig, Logan Loads, Excel Hung SF

Timfuck Frenzy The Inked Pig, Logan Loads, Excel Hung Sf (1)

To say you all were impressed by EXCEL HUNG SF’s solo on BRUTHALOAD would be an understatement. Lucky THE INKED…

Bruthaload – Alessandro Baiano & Sam

Bruthaload Alessandro Baiano & Sam (13)

SAM’s little fuckhole is in trouble and by trouble we mean a horny ALESSANDRO BAIANO and his massive uncut cock….

TimFuck – Jesse O’Toole, Mark Dixon

Timfuck Jesse O'toole, Mark Dixon (4)

It’s been years since I’ve shot a scene with porn legend JESSE O’TOOLE and his equally famous 10″ cock. Although…

LatinLoads – Dante Piero, Leo Casal

Latinloads Dante Piero, Leo Casal (7)

Dante Piero is one of our new favorite top men. He wakes up from a nap with a rock hard…

TimSuck – NOVICE COCKSUCKER IN TRAINING – Bob Pattinson, Alex Hammer

Timsuck Novice Cocksucker In Training Bob Pattinson, Alex Hammer (9)

BOB PATTINSON came to us as a “straight man” looking to show off his oral skills. When we asked how…

TimJack – Mowgli Fin

Timjack Mowgli Fin (10)

COCK: 7″ HEIGHT: 5’9″ EYES: hazel HAIR: brown AGE: 25 TURN ONS: Tweak me! Pull my balls, nipples, hair… keep…

TreasureIslandMedia – TimFuck – FRENZY

Treasureislandmedia Timfuck Frenzy (9)

FRENZY is a selection of new all-out fucking, breeding, heart racing pounding, interracial action and a 10-man gangbang with lots…

TimFuck – FRENZY – Avatar Akyia, Damian Dragon, Kemono Dragon, INSTA_H_A_M

Timfuck Frenzy Avatar Akyia, Damian Dragon, Kemono Dragon, Insta H A M (9)

INSTA_H_A_M is in pig heaven surrounded by the dicks of AVATAR AKYIA, DAMIAN DRAGON & KEMONO DRAGON. We are not…

TimSuck – SHANE BLOWS AARON – Shane Andrews, Aaron Xanders

Timsuck Shane Blows Aaron Shane Andrews, Aaron Xanders (11)

SHANE ANDREWS has to be one of my all-time favorite cocksuckers. If you suck dick, you need to study this…

TimFuck – Eli Lewis, Tony Bishop, Champ Robinson

Timfuck Eli Lewis, Tony Bishop, Champ Robinson (2)

Once upon a time, self-proclaimed “Pocket Gaysian” ELI LEWIS did condom porn. As soon as he went bareback, he added…