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The Auction – Milo Miles, Dillon Stone, Reese Rideout


He revealed himself. Master Stone walked into the light, inspecting his new merchandise with a half smile. He looked his new boy up and down as he circled the stage. Milo looked nervous as the powerful man -wizened, gray, and strong- paced around him. But the hardness of the boy’s cock never waned. His new owner began to undress as Milo looked up at him; their eyes locked, and Milo quivered in Master Stone’s gaze.

Master Stone unbuttoned and slid out of his shirt, then drew Milo close to his broad chest. He pushed the boy’s face against the rough hairs on his sturdy body. Master Stone’s beefy physique glowed in the light along with Milo’s – beautiful silhouettes that glorify their size difference.

It quickly became clear that it had been holding back a monster. Milo could almost see his new owner’s cock throbbing, trying to rip through the fabric for release. Master Stone turned Milo around to get a better view of the ass he was going to release himself into, rubbing his cotton-restrained cock against Milo’s perfectly groomed hole, just to give the Boy an idea of what he was up against.

The moment Master Stone had purchased had finally come. He peeled off his underwear to reveal his massive, throbbing cock. Milo’s expression, wide-eyed and blissful, said far more about his pleasure at the sight than words could have…