TheBroNetwork – Just Pranks, Bro! – Derek Kage, Jesse Stone

Derek Kage, always cautious about Jesse Stone’s playful antics, gave a warning before stepping into the shower. However, Jesse, known for his mischievous streak since their college days, couldn’t resist the temptation. As Derek lathered up, Jesse stealthily crept into the bathroom, swiftly snatching every piece of Derek’s clothing and towels, even the bath mat.

Emerging from the shower, Derek’s alarm grew as he realized his predicament: not a single item to dry himself with. Rushing to his bedroom in a state of undress, his distress deepened upon finding his room eerily bare. The culprit? Jesse, lounges comfortably, smirking as he scrolls through his phone amidst Derek’s belongings.

Jesse baits Derek with a comment about his little dick– that he should be able to cover it with just his pinky! Derek incredulously falls for the trap, jumping on his roommate, still wet, and pinning him down. He wags his dick in his roommate’s face and Jesse is happy and satisfied that Derek fell for his trap and sucks off his Bro. Derek just goes with it cause it feels good!


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