TwinkTop – Grant Ducati, Ace Banner – Cooling Off

After a particularly strenuous weekend practice, I always offer the assistant coaches and players an invite over to my place to wind down by the pool. When the weather is hot, like today, it makes for a great opportunity to see all the men and boys in just their swim suits.

Lately, I’ve been noticing that one of my players, Grant, has been making considerable eye contact with me. The sexy boy’s stare tends to linger even when I break eye contact. I can feel him practically spread the cheeks of my toned, muscular ass just with his imagination. As a few of us were laying out by my pool, I could feel those eyes scoping again. Against any and all judgment, I decided to make something of a passive move. I told the others I needed to cool down a bit and dismissed myself to head inside.

On my way in, Grant’s eyes continued to follow me and he met my gaze. I gave him a clear non-verbal invite and saw the glimmer of a mischievous grin start to appear on his face. I made my way to my bedroom and sat upright on the bed. My hole twitched and blood rushed to my now-swelling cock at the thought of the handsome boy taking my signals and following me in to have his way with me.

But suddenly it hit me: he’s young and probably shy in these circumstances. Does he even know how to interpret these kinds of signals between men? As I laid there relaxing, I thanked myself for coming to cool down, but also resigned myself to the fact that while this boy clearly wanted me, that I probably shouldn’t get ahead of myself and expect him to act on it.

I closed my eyes for a moment and didn’t even hear the footsteps. Suddenly, there he was in my doorway. We didn’t say much of anything, but clearly he knew the “system.” He walked up to me, and while slightly awkward, was very quick to let me know he took the hint and planted a kiss on my mouth. What proceeded can only be described as a dream-like haze. The boys these days must be built differently because not only was he assertive, he certainly wasn’t shy. Our tongues were soon wrestling in each other’s mouths and before I knew it, we were both in our jocks and his tongue was darting in and out of my hole.

Magnificent! I doubt he has much “hands on” experience, but the boy definitely knew what he was doing. Grant made sure to let his hands and mouth roam to every crevice of my body. Any care or concern I had of our fellow comrades still out by my pool walking in on us melted away. I just knew I wanted this boy inside me and that he wanted the same. Hell, if anything, I could only hope they would and join us. But, for now, I was in heaven and nothing could beat this.

After opening me up with his tongue, Grant pointed his big mushroom head directly at my pucker and began sliding in. He definitely knew what he was doing. He pushed it in and let me get used to his length and girth. It wasn’t long before he was pounding me with longer and faster rhythmic strokes, an obvious display of his athletic prowess.

Grant’s balls began to tighten—as did mine—and both of our orgasms began to surge. He had me turn over onto my back and reentered me. This was too much for me, and I shot my load all over my belly at the sight of this beautiful boy lustfully pumping in and out of my hole. That, in turn, sent him over the edge, and he pumped his own load of cum deep in my hole. Yeah, he knew what he was doing…


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