TwinkTop – Milo Miles CHAPTER 5: New Recruit – Cole Blue, Milo Miles

Coach Blue and bright-eyed, eager twink recruit Milo Miles find themselves alone at last. Coach Blue tells Milo that he noticed how the boy snuck off with one of the other coaches the previous evening. Rumor had it that they had some extra special “practice time” together.

Seeing as Milo isn’t as green as his youth might make you believe, Coach Blue just keeps finding out more and more surprising (and hot) details about the boy’s sessions with not just the other coaches, but his teammates in general. And, bless him: young Milo isn’t shy about owning up to his extra-curricular activities that have nothing to do with baseball!

Coach Blue likes his recruits naughty just as long as Coach gets to play, too. Milo is more than happy to oblige. And the deceivingly massive boner pulsating underneath his tiny jockeys is more than ready for a sexy tryout—filling up and pounding into Coach Blue’s fantastic round bottom!

The hunky Coach gives the youngster some sound advice: practice at a good, wet, deep rim job first before the kid tries to score. And it’s not long before Coach Blue gives the talented top athlete a five-star rating due to the young upstart’s skills using his tongue to make the coach moan!


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