TwinkTop – Milo Miles, Tucker Barrett – New Recruit


The annual baseball tournament was just underway and the team was scheduled to play in the deep-south of Florida for the first round. The flight took us as far as Jacksonville, then we had to bus it to the outskirts of this humid swamp-town where the tourney would be held. Needless to say, by the time we got to the hotel, all us players and coaches were heat-sapped, our sweaty bodies sticking to our uniforms.

Each player had been assigned a coach roommate to bunk with during our stay. I was more than a little surprised to find out that I would be sharing a room with the strict and demanding Coach Barrett. To be perfectly honest, I always had the impression that he didn’t like me much and found my upbeat spirit a tad annoying.

After checking in at reception, Coach Barrett led me down the hallway to our room. I stayed quiet, not knowing what to expect. As we entered the tiny quarters, I couldn’t help but notice that there was only one bed–and a small one at that. Sheesh, I thought, I’ll be sleeping on the floor, I guess…

And that’s when things took a turn that was entirely unexpected. Coach Barrett placed a warm, gentle hand on my shoulder and winked. With a surprisingly soft-spoken, musical voice, he asked if I minded that I had to share a room with him. I swallowed hard, then offered a bright smile. Who would have thought that this stern, unabashedly disciplinarian figure could be…disarming? And that smile. I was certain I’d never seen that before.

I was suddenly overcome with a surge of giddiness. I hopped up onto the bed and with breathless anticipation waited for Coach Barrett to say something else. My jaw fell into my lap as he began to peel off his clothing and casually informed me that he was going to take a quick shower.

With pure awe and a quickly rising lump in my shorts, I marveled as Coach Barrett stripped completely naked and tossed his jockeys just a few feet away from me. His thick shaft—flaccid and beautiful—hung and swung like a horsecock. I wanted so badly to touch it, but instead, I casually began to touch my own. I wondered if Coach could tell, or even cared, how aroused I was getting.

Then he was out of sight and into the shower stall. I closed my eyes and listened to the water streaming. It must certainly have felt refreshing and invigorating after that hours-and-hours long bus ride with no air conditioning. I imagined Coach Barrett washing his supremely fit, lean, hairy body from handsome head to fantastic foot.

Suddenly, I heard a small cough and I snapped my eyes back open. I realized that I’d drifted off, vividly engrossed in my fantasy. I really had no idea how much time had passed, but Coach Barrett was finished with his shower and toweled dry.

Coach Barrett laid down on the bed right next to me and looked me up and down. That sexy, furry body was driving me absolutely wild! I quietly breathed in the freshly scrubbed DILF’s intoxicating aroma. I managed to squeak out the fact that I adored his body hair…and wondered if I could touch it?

Coach Barrett inched closer to me and simply nodded. I thought I’d reached maximum body temperature out in the Florida humidity, but damn, I was really hot now. I peeled my shirt off and tossed it to the floor.

Half a second later, we were feeling each other up, admiring one another’s bodies. Coach Barrett gently stroked my inner thigh as I ran my trembling fingers through his incredibly soft chest hair. I started rubbing my aching cock over my shorts with my free hand. Lord Almighty, I was horny!

Next, his towel came off. We started making out and I stroked his cock fully erect. I could hardly stand it anymore. I desperately needed to cum. I confessed this to Coach Barrett and he offered a knowing smile. He assured me that he’d be happy to help with getting me off—however I liked. Well, since he was sincerely asking, I batted my eyes and asked him to let me fuck him…please?

Coach Barrett arched an eyebrow. My face immediately flushed crimson, thinking that I’d overstepped, but to my delight, he merely got into the doggy position. He exposed his luscious daddy hole and instructed me to get it ready. Didn’t need to ask me twice! I dove right in, moaning loudly as the taste of a hot dude’s hole is truly second to none. I got right to lapping, licking, and juicing up that savory entrance just as slick and wet as I could.

Apparently, the lust-driven rim job I administered got the happy DILF’s desires hot, as well. Soon, Coach Barrett and I were like two beasts in heat, sucking and fucking with carnivore-crazed hunger. At one point, Coach Barrett made me pull out and he pushed me onto my back. Like a panther, he leapt onto my cock—purring, yowling, and hissing as his tight hole sunk all the way down on my boy rod. Then he started really riding me! All too soon, however, I lost control and sent a huge load up inside of him.

Coach Barrett squeezed his well-fucked love tunnel and milked every last drop of semen out of me. I was involuntarily shuddering, spasming, my dick non-stop convulsing with ecstasy. I ran my hands and fingers up the sighing DILF’s hairy abs and torso, savoring every second of our shared climax together.

Fuck, dude. I sincerely hoped we would share a room from here on out during every road trip…!


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