WhyNotBi – Malik Delgaty, Mateo Tomas, La Petite Blonde – Valentine’s Day Fuck Feast


Malik Delgaty has planned a romantic Valentine’s Day meal for his girlfriend La Petite Blonde, and at the restaurant, waiter Mateo Tomas flirts with both of them. Mateo recommends the oysters as an aphrodisiac, and the hunk says he’ll try anything once! Mateo offers the couple a private tour and brings them into the back room, where they start kissing. Mateo and La Petite suck Malik’s cock, and then Malik bends his girlfriend over to fuck her while she blows the waiter. Malik tries out Mateo’s hole before the threesome start a train on the floor. La Petite jacks off Mateo as he rides Malik, then Malik fucks his GF and cums on her pussy.
14 Feb


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