BeefCakeHunter – Adonis – Servicing hung young Afro Cuban

Servicing hung young Afro Cuban was a delicious BCH Heaven experience. Beefcake Adonis is a Construction worker that, on his day off, decided to accept my offer and bring his “goods,” and we are talking about more than eight inches here and a big cock head, something that I love! 😊

While I was preparing everything for the encounter, he unusually started the dialogue by asking me about my business, moneywise, lol. He is young, but he knows what he is packing! But that didn’t bother me at all. It actually opened for a more fluid chat; after all, he has a playful and smiling personality, which we love here at BeefCakeHunter Land!

Like with Beefcake Mason, Beefcake Adonis wanted to do my job by taking his nice shoes off. Of course, I did not allow it, lol. A few minutes after that, I had him almost naked, just wearing his underwear, while I was playing with his tool, noticing that he had a heavily tattooed, naturally slim body with a decent amount of pubic hair; yummy!

Once I had him semi-hard, I pulled his underwear down. After complimenting his dick size, I nicely started licking his also delicious balls, then after licking his cock like a lollypop, I went to his cock head, and I couldn’t wait for that, even though he had mentioned me before he is a little sensitive there. What I loved the most about Servicing hung young Afro Cuban Adonis was watching his facial expressions and hearing his soft moaning while I was feasting on that big head; he was very attentive to my servicing, too 😉

After that, I did not stop, and I went full speed on that thing, and hearing him whisper: “Oh shit,” all the time got me inspired. When I noticed he started moving around, I knew it was time to hand over his cock so he could jerk off while I enjoyed his nuts. Feeling his nut getting empty while he was cumming was hot!

Of course, I had to taste that jizz, and it was delicious! I hope you guys enjoy this Servicing hung young Afro Cuban video.


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