BeefCakeHunter – Juniro – Oral

Feasting hung Dominican straight cock.

I hope everybody at BeefCakeHunter Land had an amazing Halloween night! Like almost a tradition every year here at BCH Headquarters, I had my share of scare with a monster cock!

This year, thanks to Beefcake Juniro I was Feasting hung Dominican straight cock instead of giving away candies lol.

This sexy Dominican Beefcake has been without a steady job for almost a year. He has just been doing some construction work and car washing, here and there to catch up with bills. He is getting divorced and is a father of two, so when this opportunity came to his door, he was very excited. I love the fact that we can help, he also needs to fix his car (I think I heard that one before…. lol)

Lately my hands are doing the job of getting the Beefcakes cocks ready for my lips, but for the ones that love to watch a cock going from soft to hard, you will see that in this Feasting hung Dominican straight cock scene. Beefcake Juniro warned me than since he has a big tool sometimes it takes a while to fully grow, so I did take my time to worship his perfect pair of balls. That for sure was not an inconvenience at all and at the same time I got him to relax, you can notice that he was quite nervous.

It took me a while to get him to his “full potential”, but when I finally did it, it was feasting time, I just melted myself sucking that beautiful brown monster cock! I mean, who wouldn’t? and just watching his pleasured face, was a bonus. I really wanted to get the best from Juniro, and I used some encouraging words that definitely did the trick!

With the initial tension gone, he got more expressive and even instructed me on how to continue servicing him. I knew that to make him explode I would have to use both my hands and mouth. He advised when he was about to cum, as they all usually do, but in this case Beefcake Juniro had previously expressed to me that he doesn’t like to be swallowed. So, he was expecting me to move my mouth away from his jizz, lol I did totally the opposite! I had to taste that creamy Dominican load! Good news is that he assured me that he is coming back for more. Ouch! well, I will do it just for you Hunters! Enjoy this Feasting hung Dominican straight cock video!


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