BeefCakeHunter – Impaled by Beefcake Adonis

Continuing with this Ass Destruction season, I now find myself Impaled by Beefcake Adonis. This sexy young Cuban stud is also debuting into the anal department here at BeefCakeHunter land, but of course, I must feast well on that fantastic cock first! 😉

I had missed the opportunity to have Beefcake Adonis walk further into BCH territory when he canceled the initial date for this scene. Still, later that day, he rescheduled for the next morning, so I crossed my fingers, and voila! I had that morning wood for breakfast, lol.

As expected, Adonis was a little sleepy still, but by the moment I was between his legs, that dick was already up in expectation; after all, my mouth is good at getting missed by the youngster ones 😉

Before getting Impaled by Beefcake Adonis, I had him all spread out lying on the bed so we could enjoy his sexy legs and feet while I sucked that BBC some more. Then I got him ready to use my man-pussy, and oh boy, that cock was deliciously erected and prepared to pound some ass!

With the help of poppers, I relaxed my tight hole so Adonis wouldn’t have any difficulties in doing his job, and then I just laid there, letting him take care of the situation. He was mainly fixed on the porn video playing, but if that worked to keep fucking me like he was, so be it, but of course, he gave some hot glances now and then. His heavy breathing and open mouth showed that it was pleasurable to stretch my little hole out 😉

My hole was so relaxed that I dared to get him on top of me so that he could go deeper, and I could feel more of his body, and he was up for the task, but after a few minutes, he went back to doggy and fucked me a few minutes more.

Then I sucked him before he started jerking off while I sucked and played with his balls; one of the hottest things was to hear him say: he was about to nut, and then: where? Hot! Then was swallow time while he watched.

I hope you guys enjoy this video, Impaled by Beefcake Adonis.


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