BeefCakeHunter – Getting Pounded by Nick’s Big Dick

Getting pounded by Nick’s big surprise, I promised Nick that we would have another shooting soon since he was eager to save some more for his projects, but he didn’t expected it to be an anal session, so it was a little hard to convince him at first to do this scene. There is not doubt that he enjoys a good blow job but he wasn’t sure about the “fucking” part, but I had to insist, I knew many of you want to see Nick’s tool drilling an ass! Yeah, me too!
Again, Nick was ready for action, his beautiful cock was already hard when I started sucking him and this time he allowed me to take more control over his tool. You guys know that I like that. Then I got on my four to receive that cock in my hole, and at beginning it was a little slow but once it was in position inside my hole I didn’t let it go, it was a nice sensation having it inside me for those minutes, I wanted more! (like always… lol) and more positions, but I had to accommodate to beefcake Nick’s comfort, and part of that was making him cum blowing and jerking him off, and what a big load he had for us, a little salty, yummy… enjoy Nick’s big surprise again…


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