BeefCakeHunter – Justin & Jacobo – Anal

The big Js filling my holes.

As many Hunters know, Beefcake Justin was at BCH headquarters a few Sundays ago for a webcam show; it was then that I took the opportunity that he was in town to finally make true a full threesome, since my first try, a couple of years ago with Beefcake Prince and Beefcake Sergio did not go all the way. So, I contacted Beefcake Jacobo to see if he was down, and who better than him right? To make The big Js filling my holes video a reality, both of them have a lot of fans and they were already due to get some service here at BeefcakeHunter Land!

During the webcam show, Justin announced and gave some tips about this scene, and I know many of you were eager to know exactly what it was about? Believe me, I was dying to spoil the surprise! Hahaha, but well finally it’s Wednesday and here it is!

Honestly, I was a little nervous before shooting The big Js filling my holes video, it is my first one of this kind and I didn’t know how Justin and Jacobo would react to the situation. Fortunately, everything went smooth. It was fun and they are a hell of performers. Of course, you will see some nervousness or little awkward moments, after all, it was the first time for them too!

It is funny that we didn’t know where to start, but their encouragement was great! I really needed some help down on my knees, too many big cocks and just one mouth! Lol.

Amazingly both got hard at the same time with the touching of my hands, they were like in sync for this, and so were my hands. I tried to equally service both of them with the same tricks, and it worked! I feast myself with those two beautiful hard big cocks, I could go on for hours, but they were ready for more action.

On my fours I decided to start with Jacobo, so he opens up my man-pussy for Justin’s bigger tool. They have different styles when pounding me but for sure both felt delicious!

Then I opted to ride Jacobo but that proved to be difficult if I wanted to suck Justin’s big cock at the same time, so I quickly changed to my fours again, so Justin could drill my ass properly while I indulged in Jacobo’s beautiful cock; right there he went all the way inside my wet hole hmm.

Then I made them sit down in the couch, it was funny, how they carefully tried not to touch each other lol. A little bit more of sucking and a coordinated hand job for them, till I got them close to the climax. I even joked with a reward to whom cums first, I think Justin thought it was true lol, because he started to cum real soon. To my surprise, it was more cum than I expected since he had came the night before for the webcam show. Then the hottest part, when Jacobo whispered “do you want more cum?” Wow, that was like a few seconds after, like I said, they were totally in sync! I was in BeefCakeHunter Heaven!

The guys were awesome! I think that for been the first time they did a good job. I hope you guys enjoy this video The big Js filling my holes.


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