BeefCakeHunter – Papa Kream got serviced

Papa Kream got serviced, he is the type of Beefcake I had in mind when I started my journey in Central Florida, and finally I found him! If you set your mind into something, sooner or later you will get it, and we couldn’t be any luckier, when along the way to Central Florida, we got delicious beefcakes Darious, Sergio, and Prince…right?!

But Beefcake Papa Kream was something different, and I’ll tell you why…he and his wife, are very open minded. They wanted to shoot a porn video together, once the opportunity was given to him, she totally agreed. I’m sure, she would’ve loved to be part of the video, not performing a sexual act, but at least just watching..Oh yeah…she gets really aroused when a guy blows her man in front of her, and beefcake Papa Kream its turned on by whatever pleases her! Wow! (Obviously, his real name is not Papa Kream, she calls him that lol). I declined Papa Kream’s offer to have her in the scene, and he was very understanding. Anyways, I told him that I would think about it…what do you think Hunters?
Honestly, if I had to have her in scene in order to blow this hottie, I would do it! Papa Kream has a sexy slim body, hairy legs, and a delicious eight inches cock. He is so horny and has an inner porn star, waiting to be revealed, as I was working my lips and hands around his body. Papa Kream got serviced just the way he wanted, he is totally explosive, a natural moaner. He likes it rough, and I noticed he wanted to be in control, and on top of that, he is a shooter! He delivers a nice load, even though he had fucked his wife the night before. He even joked about that in the end…
I can’t wait to have him back to fuck my ass, because yeah, he will! Who knows, we may even have some company then. Enjoy guys, I hope you like Papa Kream!


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