BeefCakeHunter – Sandro Construction Worker – Anal

Sandro got rough with me this time! After so many requests to having him back, combined with Beefcake Sandro willingness to get serviced and pound a man hole, I didn’t waste any time, I asked Sandro to come back, even though I knew this would be a rough pounding. I knew that, because I remembered him mentioning in our first encounter, that he enjoys fucking girls in the ass because it feels “wrong”.

Wow! So, I was expecting more or less, a hard pounding, and now I know what he really meant. lol Sandro is a great ass fucker and he seems to enjoy it a lot, and even though was his first time fucking a guy, he did a pretty good job. Hmmm…anyways, I am so happy he was willing to come back, and show more confidence in giving us a good show with his exceptionally rock hard cock! it wasn’t long until I was on my knees feasting on that beauty, then he performed something in me that I have never done before…He squeezed my nose, while I was sucking his cock..interesting!
I gave him some rimming this time and then of course I dedicate more attention to his beautiful legs and feet.
I’m used to any cock sizes and shapes but like I said, Sandro’s tool was exceptionally hard this time and since is curved up, I felt its complete shape inside my hole. Besides, the rough snaps in my ass and face, produced me a little bit of pain, but like they say, there’s a certain satisfaction in a little bit of pain, and complete satisfaction is what I got from this hottie, and that is for sure!
I controlled myself the pleasure/pain combination to the point of allowing him get an orgasm while fucking me really hard, and what a great reward there was! Feeling and seeing that amount of man juice dripping on my butt, says it all! Sandro got rough, but it was worth it! I hope you enjoy this video when sexy Brazilian Beefcake Sandro got rough!


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