BoyForSale – Bastian Karim, Legrand Wolf, Apolo Adrii – New Life


It is not an easy thing to find suitable boys and recruit them into the Collective. There is also the issue of not having many boys whose supply far exceeds their demand. However, this has left Master Legrand, one the founding members of the Collective and one of its most active traders, in a difficult position. He has owned most of the available boys at one time or other, at least all of the ones that particularly interest him.

Of course, there are a few that Master Legrand remembers with particular fondness and might not mind having in his possession again but, however satisfying their use might be, there is nothing like exploring the talents and vulnerabilities to be exploited in new property. He was, of course, well aware of the European market, and friends with a number of its members. It’s a world away, though,and its goings on were of little interest to him.

However, a business trip to Madrid gave him a reason to connect with some of his friends for social reasons—as well as financial ones—and it was there that he first encountered Boy Bastian.

The bored, almost jaded, master suddenly found his passion rising. Boy Bastian was an exquisite young man in every way, but he also had an exotic edge that American boys, in their familiarity, couldn’t possess: things as obvious as his sweetly soft Spanish accent to the almost undefinable difference in the way he carried himself.

Master Legrand wanted this boy. Bad. In addition to the physical pleasure of using such a beautiful young body, he imagined the alpha male thrill of introducing a shy inexperienced young man to an entirely new world; a new country and culture in which he would be entirely dependent on his Master to help him navigate. The more he imagined it, the stronger his desire became.

However, expecting a young man to leave his life behind and immigrate to a new country is a big ask. Discrete inquiries were made and the boy agreed to the proposition. Of course, things had to be done properly and Bastian would be put on the block. It would set a very bad precedent and quickly create resentment and hard feelings if foreign masters began swooping in and poaching the most desirable boys in private sales from foreign Collectives. It was only Master Legrand’s seniority and influence that led to his even being allowed to bid at all.

Master Adrii was the son of a man that Master Legrand had known while he was earning his MBA from Harvard. When his friend passed away, Master Legrand had stepped in as a sort of long distance godfather/mentor to the young man and they became close. The future Master Adrii quickly established himself as a wunderkind software developer and quickly found himself in possession of a not-so-small fortune. Master Legrand might or might not have helped inspire his interest in dominant-submissive relationships and slave ownership.

It was natural for Master Legrand to turn to young Master Adrii to take possession of Boy Bastian after the sale, as it would be several months before he could arrange to bring the boy back to the US. Master Adrii was happy to agree, and honored that Master Legrand would trust him with that responsibility.

However, Master Adrii is young and relatively inexperienced. Legrand had given him permission to use Boy Bastian, until he came to get him. He felt it was far better to give Master Adrii permission to do what he suspected would be inevitable, rather than test the young man’s will power and most likely break it. Master Legrand also felt that it was better for Boy Bastian to be used regularly and not risk him slipping out of his training and submissive headspace. A slave should always live and breathe his submission and ownership.

Being given the use of a slave as excellent as Boy Bastian was a rare privilege for Master Adrii . One that he, perhaps, enjoyed too much. When the time inevitably came for Master Legrand to come and claim his prize, Master Adrii found himself deeply conflicted. While Boy Bastion looked forward to going to America, as well as the prospect of being the playtoy of the tall handsome master who had purchased him, he, too, was not yet a veteran slave and allowed his feelings for Master Adrii to grow deeper than they should have.

There was absolutely nothing to be done, though. The sale had been made. In spite of all of that, As Master Adrii said goodbye to his treasured slave, he couldn’t resist asking, “Are you sure?” even as he knew that the answer would be, “Si.” Still, the morning on which Master Legrand intended to leave, taking Boy Bastian with him, Master Adrii couldn’t resist breaking protocol. He went to the boy’s room before his alarm went off and woke him up so that they could share one last goodbye. Even as the two young men enjoyed each other’s bodies, as badly as he wanted to, Master Adrii knew that he must resist fucking his borrowed slave, knowing that Master Legrand would almost certainly notice such a violation of his property.

Master Adrii reluctantly left. Boy Bastian prepared himself for his new master, and arranged himself obediently on his knees, on the bed, in sexy black briefs. His knees were spread and his arms at his sides baring his smooth young body for his master’s aproval. When Master Legrand entered the room, he most certainly did approve. Of course, he had put his new boy through his paces the day before—he knew the layout of the boy’s body.

The day arrived. Two first class seats were reserved on a transatlantic flight leaving. That morning however, there was no need for anything other than enjoying the body of the beautiful young man in his posession. Master Legrand crawled onto the bed and took his virtually naked slave into his arms. He kissed him deeply while the vulnerable boy trembled with a whirlwind of desire, excitement, and uncertainty.

When Boy Bastian felt his new master force his fingers into his hole, he felt himself reduced to the sex toy that he was destined, and trained, to be. He single mindedly focussed on offering his body up for his master’s pleasure. Master Legrand accepted that gift. His massive cock swelled with desire as he quickly shed his sharp black suit. Boy Bastian eagerly, almost greedily, pounced on the hard rod in front of his face, sucking it into his throat, and making Master Legrand moan with pleasure and satisfaction.

Master Legrand fondled his slave, mauling his boy prick, until Boy Bastian was a quivering mass of pleasure all but begging to have his ass taken, and Master Legrand wasted no time in giving both of them what they desired. He thrust deep into the boy, who moaned and struggled to take the master’s cock driving deep into his body.

Boy Bastian laid on the bed, obediently holding his legs spread open and pulled back. He gave up his body for his master’s enjoyment, until Master Legrand pulled him up and ordered him to ride it. Boy Bastian complied, working his master’s throbbing cock with his hole. Master Legrand allowed himself to be pleasured until the beautiful boy had driven him close to the point of no return, then he rolled Boy Bastian onto his back once more and rode the boy hard, his own orgasm rising quickly.

With a few last hard thrusts, he pumped his seed into his slave’s ass. Boy Bastian felt the thick wet warmth of his master’s cum oozing out of his sore swollen hole and, as he looked up at Master Legrand through clouded eyes, knew that his new life had begun.


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