BoyForSale – Bastian CHAPTER 2: International Buyer – Legrand Wolf, Bastian Karim, Apolo Adrii

During the flight from NYC to the countryside of Basque, Spain, Master Legrand had spent nearly the entire trip fantasizing about his purchase. And indeed that merchandise, Boy Bastian, was a tantalizing feast for the eyes.

Boy Bastian’s head was bowed, but his dark, piercing eyes locked onto Master Legrand immediately. The momentary, intense pause that occurred took the well kept American by surprise. He normally gave his new purchases no leeway. They would typically either crawl to him or shiver uncontrollably on their knees, awaiting the Master’s first commands.

Master Legrand commanded the Slaveboy to come closer for a better appraisal. Soon, Boy Bastian was on his knees. As the warm sunlight bathed upon Master and Boy, the youngster administered exquisite oral pleasures. Master Legrand ran his giant hands adoringly through The Boy’s thick, dark hair as his Slaveboy ran his luscious lips and sweet, wet tongue along his Master’s enormous, pulsating girth.

Not once did the boy gag or even show fatigue in any form. It was if it was Boy Bastian’s calling in life to pleasure a man to the ultimate climax possible. And yet, right before Master Legrand was about to blast his seed into the sweet Slaveboy’s mouth, he pulled out and brought Boy Bastian back to his feet…


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