BoyForSale – Legrand Wolf, Bastian Karim – International Buyer

The eight-hour journey via Lear jet from NYC to Spain felt like eight days to Master Legrand. His desire to finally receive the rare merchandise waiting there was all he could think about. He had cashed in several lucrative stocks and bonds just to obtain this top prize.

The highly-regarded buyer had earned quite the reputation among not only the American leg of the Buyer’s Club, but internationally, as well. He had recently received an unexpected invitation to attend and participate in the Spanish branch’s Auction ceremony.

The invitation came from a buyer named Master Andrii. Two evenings ago, Master Legrand attended the auction held in the city of Basque via Zoom. When the Slaveboy on Auction had casually appeared on the computer screen—thick, dark hair, dark eyes, and perfectly smooth olive-toned skin—Master Legrand nearly fell off his chair. The Boy Bastian. Right away, there was something about him. Yes, he was perfect. Yes, he was meek, supple, and intrinsically subservient. But there was something else…

Master Legrand was determined to have The Boy. The auction was intense; the bids were astronomical. The American businessman was enormously wealthy, and yet he had, at one point, begun to lose hope he could swing the finances to acquire the hotly contested Boy Bastian.

And now, two days later, riding in the backseat of a limo, he was texting Master Andrii who currently had possession of his successful purchase.


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