LatinLoads – Michoacano, Sewer Boy and Alexis

You probably know that I have a passion for SEWER BOY. To say he’s a primitive is an understatement. He lives on the streets, owns no telephone, almost never even speaks. He shows up completely at random, and if we’re shooting he asks for a couple of dollars to join in. And he’ll fuck anything that
moves and breathes (don’t ask). Afterward, he takes his money (he’s thrilled with anything between two and ten bucks) and disappears again.

We’d set up a fuck between MICHOÁCANO and ALEXIS. Michoácano comes from a village on Lake Pátzcuaro, in the state of Michoácan, and has always been a proud dominant dude who radiates machismo. But this time around Sewer Boy really took over and pushed both of the other men to go beyond their limits.

At one point Sewer Boy pushes Alexis to his knees and sneers as he pisses all over the submissive queer boy. And he outright grins as he makes the submissive Mexican boy swallow what had to be a quart of hot cerveza piss. Then, Sewer Boy wordlessly “convinces” Michoácano to take the cameraman’s dick up his ass. It’s his first dick and it’s fucking painful, but Michoácano takes it like a man—and a brand new maricon is made before your very eyes.


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