LatinLoads – Tito Gomez, Paco Rivera

PACO RIVERA is a horny growing boy. Well, at least his cock is growing. It is long and thick with just the slightest down curve at the tip. As TITO GOMEZ starts to use his mouth on it, it becomes rock hard and Paco kicks back to let the slut enjoy his manhood for a good servicing. Tito eventually tries to sit on it, but he is too tight and the dick is too big. You know that is not going to stop Paco.

Led by a hard-on that is not going to go down until it is balls deep, the demanding top gets the bottom pinned to the wall and sinks his cock in, unceremoniously stretching the ass open so he can fuck it good. Not fazed by the tight hole, Paco does the only thing he can do. He gets the bottom spread eagle and fucks him into the bed so the kid can’t get away.

Finally, the hole is good and open. Paco fucks him on his side and then gets him on his back so he can breed.


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