MissionaryBoys – Mick Weston, Skylar Finchh – Dishonesty Never Felt So Sinful


President Weston summons young brother Finchh for a serious conversation about his role in the order. He knows the boy is eager and willing to follow the church’s orders, yet he knows that he is struggling to keep his mind pure. The thought of men invades Brother Finch’s head every so often and keeping himself away from lustful acts is no longer an option. Determined to set him straight, President Weston interviews him with an unholy questionnaire. As the boy confesses his truth, the order’s authority sucks his luscious cock, watching how he responds under pressure. Skylar is as hard as ever, feeling the touch of an experienced man while explaining his struggles with his sacred vows. President Weston calms the boy and proceeds to undress him completely, aiming for his not-so-virgin asshole. The blonde missionary understands that this is all part of his holy plan and enjoys it as President Weston pushes his big dick deep inside of him. He knows that atoning for his sins is necessary, and if this is the way, so be it, no matter how passionate and ungodly it feels…


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