MissionaryBoys – Ryan Russo, Alex Tikas – Exploring Temptation


President Tikas knows Elder Russo needs a special worthiness interview like none other. Not only will he ask the boy some very personal questions about temptation but he will also tie him to ensure he understands the seriousness of the situation. The Elder claims that he hasn’t acted in his impure thoughts in the past, but this answer is no good for President Tikas. The authority figure feels that the boy should have a safe space to experience the pleasures of the flesh and understand the nature of sin, so he strips Ryan and starts using his tongue on his asshole. The young Elder feels the rush of his first rimjob running through every inch of his hairy body and soon wants to try it with the President. The table turns as Ryan eats the President’s asshole, finding joy in the most sinful act he ever imagined. Yet, there’s one more transgression in store for him, as President Tikas wants to pound the boy’s asshole. Ryan never imagined a worthiness check could be so unholy, but as he feels the pleasure of having his hole stuffed, he understands that this will be their little secret from now on.


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