ScoutBoys – Alone Time – Logan Cross, Dillon Stone

Most Scouts would have been horrified to find out that their Dad had been invited to join as a Scoutmaster. Talk about cramping your style! Things have always been a bit different in our household, however.

Our first trip out into the woods together was predictably kinky. We basically started making out the moment we’d set up my tent. There was something obscenely dirty about the idea of fooling around with him while the others were getting settled in. His dick really is the best one I know. I love sucking on it and he loves to hold the back of my head until I gag.

I could feel him slowly peeling down my underwear. He likes to push his tongue in there, tantalizing me until I’m wide open and desperate for his dick. He knows exactly how I like to be penetrated; hard, fast, deep and urgently, grabbing my face and pushing his giant hand over my mouth.

He got me on all-fours and started doing me from behind. I could feel his dick sliding in and out. I wanted him. I wanted him badly. Seconds later, he pulled out, jerked himself real fast, and then started spraying all over my crack. He pushed himself back into me, so that our DNA was fully combined…


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