ScoutBoys – Scout Milo Chapter 1 – The Pledge

When I signed up to become a Scoutmaster, I knew a potentially rocky road was stretching out in front of me. I am a man of great principle. I work hard. I look after myself. I very much enjoy mentoring younger people. But I find myself helplessly distracted by beauty, and beauty, in my eyes, is most potent when innocence and youth collide. The irony, of course, is that I’m now in a position where it’s almost impossible to avoid the type of situation which throws this very form of temptation my way.

I’ve managed to successfully control my urges thus far, but one of the boys challenges me beyond words. Scout Milo is everything. He exudes gentleness and kindness. He’s conscientious, studious and serious. His olive skin is smooth. He has dark, innocent eyes and raven-black hair. He is everything I find beautiful.

He had been desperate to become an Elite Scout. I was thrilled for him when his wish became a reality and even happier when I was selected to oversee his induction. The ceremony, which usually takes place in private, is really just the recitation of a pledge and the presentation of a pin, but to a keen and dutiful Scout, it’s the doorway into a world of adventure. The look of excitement and anticipation on a boy’s face can be alluring at the best of times, but Scout Milo’s profound enthusiasm was intoxicating.


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