ScoutBoys – Milo Miles, Tyler Saint – CHAPTER 1 The Pledge

When I signed up to become a scoutmaster, I knew I’d be entering a world of temptation. I managed to control my carnal urges for the longest time, but Milo changed everything…

I’d been selected to oversee his induction into the Elite Scouts and was about to attach the all-important pin to his shirt collar when something powerful happened. It started as little more than an innocent peck on the lips, but within seconds I was kissing him forcefully while pulling his diminutive body into mine.

I found myself unbuckling his belt and caressing the huge bulge in his underpants. I dropped to my knees and wrapped my hungry lips around his dick. He moaned uncontrollably. He was putty in my hands. I pushed him onto the table, and got him to squat as my tongue danced over his tight, virgin hole, which opened up like a beautiful flower.

I then lined my big, thick dick up with his hole, and before my rational brain had engaged itself, I was pushing into him. He gasped, utterly bewildered by the sensation, but I persisted and was soon rutting him with speed and force, my entire body humming with lust-fueled excitement.

I repositioned him so that he was on his back. I wanted to look into that stunning face as the innocence drained from it. He jerked himself frantically as I skewered him, a great, ecstatic smile plastered across his beautiful face as he begged me to go harder…


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