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Czech Hunter 731

Czech Hunter 731 (7)

Heavy snowing is a rare thing to see in Prague. When it happens, it’s usually a terrible mess with all…

Czech Hunter 730

Czech Hunter 730 (2)

I wasn’t very lucky during this hunt at first. It was difficult to find anyone outside because of heavy snowing….

Czech Hunter 729

Czech Hunter 729 (10)

To my surprise this young man was from Spain. He lived in the Czech Republic long enough to learn the…

Czech Hunter 728

Czech Hunter 728 (6)

We had an unexpected visit today. A month ago Michal ordered a package online and this was the day it…

Czech Hunter 727

Czech Hunter 727 (1)

This guy was such a lucky accident. Lukas and I wanted to go shopping after lunch so we ordered a…

Czech Hunter 726

Czech Hunter 726 (2)

A few weeks ago, I returned extremely tired and horny from a business trip abroad. My company provided me with…

Czech Hunter 725

Czech Hunter 725 (2)

I had fun with two students the other day and one of them liked my company so much he decided…

CzechHunter 724

Czechhunter 724 (3)

It was a nice Autumn morning in Prague, so I went out for a walk, pretending to work on a…

CzechHunter 723 – Martin Malek

Czechhunter 723 Martin Malek (1)

This young man was standing in front of a restaurant and tried to lure people in to have a lunch….

CzechHunter 721

Czechhunter 721 (1)

This guy wasn’t in the mood for any interview on camera and basically told me to leave him alone. Too…