TimFuck – Dice & Michael Roman


DICE is no fool. He decided to have some fun himself while in Palm Springs. He has had his eye on MICHAEL ROMAN’s thick cut cock since they met at a gangbang in New Orleans. Michael is one horny muscle meathead. He starts off having Dice wet up his cock with his mouth and then returns the favor by eating his hole out before having him sit on his face so he can get it good and ready – all the while as Dice continues to suck him off.

Playtime is over and Michael is ready to fuck and breed. He tosses Dice down on the bed and unceremoniously uses him as his personal fuck toy. Power pounding his cock in ass, holding him down, jiggling his ass around his dick. Dice fucks that cock back sliding his hole on the shaft, teasing it, begging for the cum that he knows he is going to get deep in his guts.


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