TimFuck – Gutter Pup, Cody Winter


CODY WINTER has GUTTER PUP on a short leash, while he teases and trains this cock hound to serve, obey, and satisfy. Mutually enjoying both sides of a skull fucking power play, the piggy bond between these two is formed.

Roll Over! GOOD BOY!

Cody has his pup in the right headspace and has him do some tricks. Holding his legs up for Master, he gives his hole up for Cody’s pleasure.

Sit! Stay! GOOD BOY!

Cody moves his cock hungry canine all over the room, slapping, spitting, and fucking – all while pulling his chain and showing who is dominant. But Gutter Pup is house broken and knows how to follow orders and have his Master breed him with his hot cum load.


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