TimFuck – Noah Paris, Jay Brix


There’s just something about a filthy municipal fuck under fluorescent lights that really shows what matters. It’s not a deeply developed emotional bond or even knowing his name. It’s all about the loads.

NOAH PARIS and jock JAY BRIX seem to agree as they fuck in a public stairwell. Jay drops to his knees, swallowing Noah’s dick in a single gulp. Having wrapped his throat around the length of that big butt busting cock, Jay looks up and says, ”I want your dick in my ass.”

Bending over the dirty floor like a cheap whore, Jay gets ready to take what he came for. Noah lines up his engorged head with his tight pink target and teases his way inside. Jay’s hole is stretched and filled over and over as Noah thrust fucks his way in and out of that very hungry cum hole.

When asked what he likes most about cock, Jay quickly answered, “It gives me loads.”


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