TransCest – House Guests – Reese Rideout, Asher James, Dylan Tides

The annual Richards Family Reunion was being held at my hundred-acre ranch this year so I figured I’d invite my big bro Reese and his teenage son Asher to stay with me at the main house.

The afternoon that Reese and Asher arrived, I noticed right away how attached they were to each other. Now that’s not to say the close-knit dynamic between the two of them was somehow out of the ordinary; it’s just that, Asher in particular, couldn’t be more than three feet away or five minutes apart from his old man. And when the boy and I weren’t engaged in conversation, his big blue eyes were glued to his father at all times.

When I showed them to their rooms, I couldn’t help but notice Asher’s countenance dim just slightly at the knowledge that he and his dad wouldn’t be sharing one together. My house has several guest bedrooms and I figured they’d appreciate their personal space and privacy. Reese just blushed and thanked me kindly for the hospitality.

Later that night, I figured I’d go upstairs to check on my kin. When I got to the top of the landing, I heard a long, loud moan then a shushing sound. I tip-toed down the dark hallway and noticed the door to Asher’s room was slightly ajar…

What I saw inside that bedroom will be etched in my memory for as long as I live. Ever been to or seen a rodeo? Well, instead of a cowboy riding a red-hot, bucking bull, my jaw hit the floor as I observed my nephew riding his buck-naked daddy like he was the rodeo cowboy…


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