TransCest – Asher Richards, Reese Rideout – House Guests


My son Asher and I always look forward to the annual Richards Family Reunion. Every year, a different family member hosts the festivities for a week, usually in the springtime or summer. This year, my younger brother Dylan took the initiative and invited all relatives to his hundred-acre ranch. Asher was thrilled since Dylan lives several hundred miles away in the country and we only get to see him a few times a year.

On Friday afternoon, we pulled up to the main house of Dylan’s sprawling ranch estate. It was a gorgeous drive into the country and Asher could hardly contain his excitement. When Dylan opened the door, he gave both my son and me a big bear hug, grinning from ear to ear.

After some happy hellos and catch-up chat, Dylan led Asher and I upstairs to where we would be sleeping during the week. When my brother pointed out a room far down the hallway that he had chosen for Asher to use, I could feel the boy’s excitement cool just a bit. Inadvertently trying too hard, I made up some lame offering that Asher and I could bunk together in one room to save space for the other family members who had yet to arrive.

Dylan was kind enough to explain that there were more than enough rooms to house everyone comfortably, and that he imagined Asher would appreciate his own private space, since he wasn’t a small child anymore.

Well, heck. What could I say in response that wouldn’t arouse any unnecessary suspicion? I thanked Dylan for his hospitality. Separate rooms would be “just fine”. Asher kept a straight face, but I could tell he was annoyed. Oh, well. Asher couldn’t always have me at his side every night. We’d figure it out.

Later, as I was in my own guest room unpacking, I couldn’t help but casually look down the hall and peek at my son. Asher’s body language seemed fine, but he wasn’t smiling anymore.

I strolled down the hallway and did my best to stay upbeat. I reminded Asher how excited he’d been to see his Uncle Dylan. Didn’t he want to have a good time at the family reunion? Asher replied that although he was indeed very pleased to see his uncle and the rest of the extended family, it was starting to bother him how he and I had to hide our romantic love for one another. He wasn’t happy with the indiscreet discretions anymore and the obligation to pretend was wearing him out.

While I completely understood and even agreed with my son, I also wasn’t ready to reveal our love to just anyone. We had to remember that Dylan had generously offered his home space to stay. If he were to find out about us, I assumed that he probably wouldn’t understand and—in the worst case scenario—would ask us to leave.

The ultimate reality is that we would only be here a week. Asher offered a sober nod. He said that he understood, but held his ground about the disappointment of having to sleep in separate rooms. I took my son’s hand to try and comfort him. Suddenly, Asher pulled it away and I drew a sharp breath… as it was purposefully placed on my inner thigh.

Asher huffed a dramatic sigh and made a quip about how “hard” it was to keep our love a secret. I tried to stifle a naughty grin and placed my own hand on top of Asher’s so it couldn’t go up my thigh to set my loins on fire. I promised my son that I would figure out a way to sneak into his room after midnight…

It was zero-dark-thirty. I could instinctively feel my boy’s need from all the way down the hallway. I held my breath as I tip-toed very quietly into Asher’s room. I flipped the light switch on. The persistent pretty-boy was sitting on the bed- waiting for me. I could see plain as day that Asher was ready to fuck. And damn, he looked good.

My boy gazed at me with those clear-blue eyes as I sat down next to him on the bed. I was worried that if Asher and I started fooling around that we’d wake somebody up and then it would be all over. He promised to be quiet. My mind knew better than to take such a risk, but my body was seriously ready to tear this kid’s clothes off and pound his tight little bod into the mattress.

All hesitation vanished as Asher dove in for a kiss. We swapped quite a lot of saliva, then I stood him up and yanked his pajama bottoms down. I could see a wet-spot soaking through his cute underwear. I played with the sexy lump of Asher’s T-dick over the jockeys. I had to clamp a hand over the boy’s mouth as he cried out in primal, uncontrollable heat.

Soon, I had Asher’s underwear completely off, licked my fingers wet, then tickled all around the sticky boy’s dripping bonus hole. He hopped into my lap and I really started going to town on that luscious slit. I had to bury my tongue inside the horny hottie’s mouth as he couldn’t stop moaning and carrying on like I knew he would.

My boy came several times during our play, then he pushed me back onto the mattress and pulled the bulging erection from out of my jeans. Asher sucked on my aching hard-on until I was good and slicked up. He then pounced into my lap and sank down on my huge shaft. I had to shush him again and again as the boy insisted on riding me.

Between fucking my son’s incredibly tight wet hole and us simply careening off the edge of control, I started to lose track of our noise volume. Before I could regain control of my senses, I realized that Asher and I were really making the bed rock and my boy was hissing hot steam with every one of my deep, upward thrusts.

I don’t know what made me look, but all the sudden I saw Dylan standing in the entryway– seemingly motionless, bare chested, just outside the door—which I had mistakenly left ajar.

I probably should have cared, slowed down, stopped—something. But I didn’t. I couldn’t have stopped if I tried. And also, I noticed almost immediately that Dylan was touching himself as he watched.

I subtly glanced up again. I could see Dylan had stepped back slightly so now all I could see was the outline of him in silhouette. I offered up a wolfish grin and then put Asher into the doggy position. If Dylan wanted to see a fucking hot finish, well, I was going to give it to him…and my son.

Asher rocked back on my dick as I pounded deeper into his bonus hole. I felt him clench and spasm, then cum yet again. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I went full frontal assault with my cannon cock and then blasted my load. I looked up at the open door again. I could’ve sworn I heard Dylan emit a long, low moan; but maybe that was…me? Fuck, maybe both!

All I knew for sure at that moment was that the secret was out. Although, truthfully, I had a gut feeling that all my worries had been for nothing. Dylan was out of sight now. Probably back to his room. Still touching himself? I would’ve liked to have known…!

I planned on falling asleep with my amazing son in my arms. Heck, maybe we’d wake up in the night and have another go; maybe this time we’d be less inhibited. All I knew for absolute certain was that the morning would bring some interesting conversation around the breakfast table!


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