TransCest – Model Behavior – Ryan St Michael, Noah Way Babes


When Ryan St. Michael came into their lives, Noah was happy to have a man around, and happy for his mother to have someone additional to lean on, too. He was suspicious of this new man though; Noah’s birth father had abandoned them, and he was uncertain how Mr. St. Micheal really felt about having a trans son. This new man would have to earn Noah’s trust.

Well, earn it he did. Noah was already transitioning when they met and Mr. St. Michael had no problem accepting him as he was and was eager to have a son. He soon earned Noah’s trust but, as Noah let his guard down, it led to a flood of feelings between the two of them that has taken a shocking turn into a physical relationship.

Noah and his new dad can’t keep their hands off each other. Fortunately, Mrs. St. Michael has a job and some community activities that take her out of the house but not near as often as the two men would like. His mom thinks it’s sweet that Noah and his stepdad have become so affectionate, but she doesn’t know Noah loves hugging his Mr. St. Michael because his stepdad’s scent makes him so horny he could faint.

Everytime Mr. St. Michael sees his stepson walk into the room in the elastic waist shorts that Noah likes to wear around the house, all he can think about is how easy it would be to yank them down around his hot boy’s ankles then dive face first into the sweet bonus hole, or bend Noah over the nearest flat surface. Both of them are walking on a wire and who knows how it will end.

Fortunately, Mrs. St. Michael’s sister invited her away for a long weekend “just for girls,” and Mr. St. Michael had to restrain himself from being too happy to see her go. Noah’s enthusiastic reaction to a weekend with his new stepdad almost made her jealous but she was mostly just thrilled at the way they were getting along.

She took off on Thursday afternoon and wouldn’t be home until late Sunday night. As soon as she left, Noah started planning a special evening. He hopped on his bike and headed to the grocery store to get some things for dinner. It was only when he was walking through the florist department and noticed the three-dollar bouquet of wilting roses that he knew what he wanted to do.

He got home, put the food away, took a shower, and put on his favorite jockstrap. Then he tore the rose petals off of the stems and spread a path from the front door into the dining room where they had sex the last time they were alone, sprinkling the last of the petals on the table.

Noah went and sat by the front window to wait for his stepdad to get home from work. As soon as Mr. St. Michael’s car pulled into the driveway, Noah got up and headed for the dining room. He climbed up onto the table and laid back on the bed of rose petals with his knees up, his legs spread, and what he hoped was an irresistible “come get me” smile.

Driving home, Mr. St. Michael was already having his own thoughts about the possibilities for their coming weekend. When he opened the front door and saw the rose petals, he was both amused and intrigued. It was such a sweet, innocent gesture of romance from his young lover. He wondered what he would find at the end of the path. Stepping into the dining room and seeing his sexy stepson spread out on the table where they had fucked before was the hottest thing he had ever seen in his life.

Mr. St. Michael asked what was going on and Noah answered, “I thought we could have dinner, just the two of us.”

Mr. St. Michael walked over, dropped to his knees and started to eagerly eat his favorite appetizer. He soon had Noah gasping and groaning, near orgasm. This time, though, Mr. St. Michaell had a little more concern for the safety of the dining room table. He quickly undressed, sat down on a convenient ottoman and invited Noah to ride his hard, throbbing cock.

Noah eagerly complied, straddling his stepdad’s waist and slowly impaling himself on the cock he has come to love more than anything in the world. As daddy-balls pressed tight against Noah’s groin, the hot throbbing rod filling the bonus hole completely, Mr. St. Michael felt his son’s velvet sleeve squeeze him tight, both of them exhaling into the exquisite realization that, this time, they were completely safe, with all of the time in the world, and nothing to think about except the delicious pleasure of their shared bodies.


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