TransCest – The St. Michael Family TAPE 4: Model Behavior – Noah Way Babes, Ryan St. Michael

While things may have been a bit tense after his marriage to Noah’s mother, Mr. St. Michael and his stepson have grown close maybe too close!

Mr. St. Michael has discovered that he has an irresistible sexual attraction to his stepson Noah; one that Noah is eagerly willing to return. Both of them are aware of the consequences if they are caught, but neither can resist the temptation.

They have been grabbing fleeting moments together when they can. While the sex is the best Mr. St. Michael has ever had, and all that Noah ever imagined sex could be, it is always tempered by the need for caution. Now, though, Mrs. St. Michael is going away for the weekend and, as the saying goes, these two mice are ready to play. Both men are planning on making the most of these few precious days alone together. Noah takes the lead by planning a romantic dinner for the two of them.

Noah’s idea of an appetizer is himself on a bed of rose petals in the middle of the dining room table– with legs spread and bonus hole on display. His stepdad likes what he sees and wastes no time diving right in. The second course is Mr. St. Micheal reclining back on an ottoman, with Noah riding his hot throbbing cock. Both of them are reveling in the pleasure their secret relationship offers, and the comfort of finally being securely alone with each other…


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