TransCest – Asher James, Reese Rideout – All To Myself


I know that my son Asher and his cousin Jordan have been fooling around, but I guess I underestimated just how strong their bond had gotten. Asher was noticeably saddened when his cousin left the house, despite my being excited to have my son all to myself again.

What can I say? It still turns me on thinking about the way I had shared my boy with Jordan like that. The bond between Asher and I had gotten considerably stronger since, so maybe it isn’t all that hard to believe that a similar bond could be forged between two cousins.

I almost feel selfish in my desire to have my son all alone with me. It is one thing to be naughty alongside another man, especially alone with another family member, but right now I feel a longing to have a night with just daddy and son.

Sitting on my bed as my son gazed across the room at me with those big beautiful eyes, I feel that desire overtake me again now as I lean forward for a kiss. When they talk about sparks flying, it doesn’t even compare to the fireworks that go off when I hear my boy moaning against my lips, opening his mouth to let my tongue wrestle with his.

It drives me wild, the way his smaller frame hugs my muscular build so effortlessly as our bodies melt together. I feel Asher’s hand rest on my growing hard-on, my cock throbbing at his touch. I rip my pants off to give myself some relief and watch my son’s eyes light up seeing my big boner wave at him.

He gives it a few good strokes before I strip off Asher’s shorts to even the playing field. I don’t know what comes over me, but I am so excited to be playing with my boy that I end up lifting him and throwing him down into a 69 position so we can attack each other orally.

My son slurps on my cock like it was the best thing he had ever tasted, deepthroating me as though it came as second nature to him. Seeing his boypussy lips before me awakened an animalistic hunger. I spread his bonus hole open with my strong fingers and my tongue explored Asher’s cavern. He tastes so amazing! I even catch myself nibbling at his pretty pink entrance.

I tell my son I want him to ride me and he is quick to follow my instructions. Such a good boy. He starts straddling my thick torso and before we both know it my twink son is lowering himself down onto the cock that made him. I reach around to grab his round bubble butt, pulling him closer and fucking him deeper, the only sound is him whimpering as he wiggles on daddy’s dick.

It’s never a question to me as to whether or not Asher is enjoying himself. The boy moves into position so I can fuck him from behind and turn his head to lock his eyes on mine, ensuring I see how honest his moans truly were.

Asher collapses onto the bed in downward-dog and begins to finger his bonus hole furiously as I encourage him to gaze at himself in the mirror at the end of the bed. My son’s eyes roll back in his head when he sees the image of his muscular dad thrusting with all of his might. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t catch myself beaming at the beautiful image myself!

The most satisfying thing about how strong our bond has become is that I can almost always make my son orgasm as my cock throbs inside him. Not only that, but he is such a trooper he’ll continue to let me ride him until I blow my load too. There truly is nothing like having my son all to myself!


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